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Idea of CrAc


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  • Passion
  • Successful projects in 30 years of history with Waldorf
  • WSDB and possibilities for collective communication
  • Thesis of values

Basic goals

  • Splitting of large tasks to smaller, achievable sub-tasks
  • Description of tasks
  • Assigment of tasks
  • Documentation and validation of tasks
  • Connection of sub-systems
    • internal in one organisation
    • external with other organisations


  • Open source user management tools with integrated communication mechanisms
    • User, groups, stakeholder
    • Contacts for differenct communication platforms
    • Dates
    • Availability of resources
  • Heterogenuous communication between members
  • Usage of modern communication technologies


  • Mechanism for description of rules and processes
  • Possibilities to split, display and assign tasks
  • How to motivate people?
  • Evaluation as a trigger for improvements

Benefit and expectation of CrAc users

  • Assessed skills¬†
  • Load balancing and relaxation of work load
  • Networking
  • Access to resources and expertise